Janet Yellen Says Inflation Concerns To Get Better On 2022

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Far-left Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed last Friday that she still thinks that the inflation crisis facing average Americans is only temporary and that everything from the rising price of gas to the supply chain bottlenecks will start to normalize by the second half of 2022.

During an interview with CNN in Rome, Yellen claimed that as demand shifts back to services and there has been sufficient time for supply chains to adjust, she thinks that price increases will “normalize” and we will “see lower monthly inflation rates.”

Yellen was in Rome with the president and his team of roughly 800 people. She attended a meeting of 20 finance and health ministers on Friday and gave several interviews claiming that the inflationary pressure in the United States was being caused by a shortage of semiconductors and a rise in the cost of energy.

She predicted that the cost of energy will begin to normalize within the next few months, which means we’ll have a good idea soon of whether or not her prediction of other prices normalizing later next year is accurate. If energy prices do normalize soon, then perhaps inflation will only be temporary after all.

If those prices don’t moderate..then we could be in for a rocky three more years.