JD Crew Accused Of Going Woke By Former Customers

Clothing retailer J.Crew has recently come under fire from consumers who are outraged by the four tone-deaf lines printed on a new T-shirt for youngsters in the United States.

J.Crew is marketing a “Pride Shirt” for children on its website (for a hefty $34.50.) The phrase “love is for everybody” appears on the front.

“J.Crew has gone woke, the Twitter account Libs of TikTok said on Wednesday to her 2.2 million followers. 

Many people joined the Libs of TikTok’s tweet to condemn J.Crew for sexualizing youngsters. Others joined the thread to dump on Libs of Tik Tok.

A Twitter user, Karen Nelson, sent a signal of her decision to cease shopping at J.Crew when she typed “Bye Bye” to the store.

Another Twitter user who goes by the handle “MamaBear” said she would no longer support J.Crew or the left’s campaign against children.

“Leave our kids alone!” was a typical comment.

One disgruntled Twitter user mentioned that he was considering returning the J.Crew items he had recently purchased.

And Julie Barrett, a Twitter user, saw something worth mentioning. J.Crew has been so committed to radicalizing the LGBT community that they have abandoned the traditional gay pride flag in favor of transgender and other splinter banners.

The original pride flag has been moved off the garment.

The truth is that major corporations like J.Crew, Kohl’s, Bud Light, and Target aren’t the only ones profiting off of the extreme LGBT agenda and funneling billions of dollars in donations their way. Almost every American business household name openly backs the radical LGBT agenda.

However, it would appear that a growing number of Americans are beginning to take an interest in such matters. Bud Light and Target, the retail giant, are both experiencing massive losses by the organized efforts of people who do not like the sexualization of children or spokesmen who identify as spokeswomen.