Jeffrey Epstein And Jes Stanley Discussed A “Profound” Friendship

Recently obtained emails reveal just how close former JPMorgan Chase executive Jes Staley was to the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the New York Post reported.

In one of the emails obtained by Bloomberg News, Staley wrote to Epstein just two weeks after he was jailed for soliciting an underage prostitute to tell him, “I miss you.”

In another email to the jailed Epstein, Staley sought his advice when he was negotiating a pay increase. In his reply, Epstein told Staley to ask for a $1 million pay raise and urged his friend not to “give in.”

The emails between Epstein and Staley continued the whole time JPMorgan was debating whether to drop Epstein as a client. In one email, Epstein described his friendship with Staley as “profound.”

The emails, which are included in the lawsuit brought by JPMorgan Chase against Staley, reveal the details of how Epstein and Staley formed a mutually beneficial bond, Bloomberg reported.

In an emailed statement to Bloomberg, a spokeswoman for the bank called JPMorgan’s association with Jeffrey Epstein “a mistake” that the firm regrets.

The spokeswoman reiterated that JPMorgan did not assist Epstein in committing “his heinous crimes” and said the bank would not have continued its relationship with Epstein if they were aware of his “ongoing sex-trafficking operation.”

The spokeswoman added that Jes Staley has been “accused of unspeakable acts” and if the accusations are true, he should be held accountable.

A court filing in a separate lawsuit brought against JPMorgan by the government of the US Virgin Islands included a January 2011 email from Staley to Epstein in which the former bank executive gushed about what a “paradise” Epstein’s private island is.

In June, Staley sat for two depositions in the lawsuit brought by the US Virgin Islands and a similar lawsuit against JPMorgan brought by former victims of Epstein.

Less than a day after finishing his deposition, JP Morgan settled the lawsuit with Epstein’s victims for $290 million.

The lawsuit brought by the US Virgin Islands is ongoing.