Jen Psaki Erupts Over Fox News Reporter’s Insinuation

( During Monday’s press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki got a little snippy with Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich’s questions over Biden’s decision to rescind Title 42.

Heinrich brought up Psaki’s earlier comments that the administration agrees that more must be done on immigration because the system is “broken.” Psaki had said over the weekend that the White House invites Republicans to work with them to get something done. Heinrich asked Psaki if the White House had made any recent attempts to reach out to Republicans.

Psaki explained that it was a “longstanding open invitation,” adding that any Republican who would like to work with the White House on “immigration reform” is invited to do so. She claimed that, so far, the White House hasn’t seen any “expression of that interest” from Republican lawmakers.

Challenging Psaki, Heinrich asked why she expects the Republicans to reach out to the White House instead of having the White House make the first move and reach out to Republicans.

Having been caught, Psaki shifted gears, claiming that Republicans are too busy trying to “politicize” the immigration crisis rather than trying to fix “what we all recognize is an outdated and broken system.”

The system is “broken” because the Biden administration broke it.

Republicans have repeatedly urged that Remain in Mexico be enforced, Title 42 remain in place, and wall construction is resumed. To accuse the Republicans of not having any ideas to deal with the crisis the Biden administration unleashed at the border is a lie.

The reason the White House isn’t willing to work with Republicans to fix the problems at the border isn’t because Republicans are politicizing it. They won’t work with Republicans because the White House doesn’t want this crisis fixed.

The crisis at the border isn’t an accident or even incompetence. It is being done deliberately by this administration.