Jen Psaki Gets In Fight With Reporters As She Tries To Protect Officials Who Demanded Afghanistan Pullout

( Unpopular White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attacked journalists last Tuesday who asked perfectly legitimate and fair questions about why President Joe Biden refused to listen to his military advisors when they warned him against withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan before evacuating American citizens and allies.

It comes after even high-profile Democrats turn on the president, with Senator Richard Blumenthal slamming the White House for breaking down the chain of command and abandoning American citizens on the same day as Psaki’s press conference.

Reporters were responding to comments made by United States Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley about the advice they gave to the president. Their statements contradicted claims by President Joe Biden that he did not receive advice to evacuate citizens before withdrawing all military troops.

Psaki parroted Biden’s false line that the opinion was “split,” and when journalists asked her if there was a single military advisor who said that it was okay to pull out all the troops immediately, she started to sound aggressive and shifted the conversation.

She just refused to given an answer.

And then when another reporter asked what President Biden meant when he said opinion was “split,” Psaki snapped that they are “private conversations.”


Private conversations?

Isn’t it in the American people’s interests to disclose information about one of the most disastrous military operations in American history?