Jen Psaki Says Democrats Have “Flipped” Midterm Expectations

( Jen Psaki, a former press secretary for the White House, made her first appearance on MSNBC on Monday.

On Tuesday’s Alex Wagner Tonight, Psaki addressed whether Democrats will keep control of Congress.

Wagner referred to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bill, which would outlaw abortion in the US after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and the Supreme Court’s ruling in June that struck down a constitutional right to abortion as “we talked about abortion being an animating issue here.”

Wagner said to Psaki that the midterms might end up being more of a referendum on Republican authority than Democratic power.

“Do you perceive it in that way?” she asked.

Of course,” Psaki answered.

According to the NBC poll from January, Psaki said Democrats weren’t interested in the midterm elections. “They simply weren’t interested in it.”

Psaki asserted that the dynamic had changed.

She claimed it has mainly been reversed now.

She said it’s uncommon for that to be the case, but the fury is among Democrats, the party in power. People want to vote and participate in the process because they are enthusiastic and interested.

According to Wagner, Democrats are afraid that “fundamental freedoms are being violated” and that the attitude among them is comparable to that of the time when Donald Trump was president. She cited the continuous investigations into him as why he continues receiving national attention.

Nothing, according to Psaki, is more of a motivating and exciting factor for Democrats than Donald Trump. She said they enjoy opposing him. Many independents oppose another Trump administration. And the more he participates in the race and puts himself out there, the more it serves as a reminder of what’s at risk for the public.

Psaki concluded by saying she thinks many Democrats are feeling better—as they should be—as there’s a long way to go here. She believes it would be difficult to win the House if tomorrow’s election were held.