Jen Psaki Says Quiet Part Out Loud About Biden

( The morning after Joe Biden’s first State of the Union Address, press secretary Jen Psaki made the rounds on cable news. And during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” Psaki inadvertently admitted that Russian aggression against Ukraine seems to happen when she and her fellow Democrats are in charge of the Executive Branch.

Psaki was attempting to explain that Vladimir Putin has a “pattern of horror” toward Ukraine. But in doing so, she accidentally said more than she intended.

She told host John Berman that she had been at the State Department and Biden had been the Vice President “the last time Russian invaded Ukraine.”

Yes, Jen. Exactly. Vladimir Putin holds off unleashing “horror” until the Democrats control the White House.

Funny how that happens.

And why was there a gap between the last time Putin unleashed his “pattern of horror” and the present “pattern of horror?”


Could it be because the Executive branch wasn’t under the control of the Democrat Party?

She was so close to understanding the root cause of this problem.

Unfortunately, Jen Psaki was unable to make the tiny leap in logic necessary to get there.