Jesse Waters Shuts Down Geraldo For Suggesting That Gun Ownership At 18 Is Too Young

( In a heated debate on the Fox News Channel’s top-rated show “The Five” last week, co-host Jesse Watters blasted co-host, Geraldo Rivera, for suggesting that 18-year-olds should be barred from purchasing an “assault weapon.”

The segment opened with co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro asking Rivera what he thought schools should do to keep children safe.

Rivera kicked off his response by criticizing Robert Francis O’Rourke’s campaign stunt during last week’s press conference. He said O’Rourke and even President Biden are attacking the gun lobby rather than offering suggestions that “can guarantee total protection of our children.”

There is never going to be a guaranteed “total protection” of children.

Rivera pressed on, suggesting that one solution would be to “recognize the erratic nature of teenagers.” He rattled off the examples of teenagers who have committed mass murder and then offered “a Juvenile assault weapons ban.”

Rivera argued that if people can’t buy alcohol or drive a tractor-trailer until they are 21, then why is it okay to buy “a weapon of war” at 18.

Co-host Jesse Watters pointed out that 18-year-olds can “fight and die for your country.”

Co-host Martha MacCallum added that buying a handgun is restricted to those over 21, prompting Rivera to argue that these teenagers aren’t using handguns in shootings, claiming they only resort to a handgun “when they run out of ammo” for their rifles.

Rivera claimed that his “Juvenile assault weapons ban” would “do something,” adding that it is the type of gun control law everyone could agree on regardless of party.

It is also the type of gun control law that was recently struck down as unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Maybe Geraldo isn’t aware of that.

But Jesse Watters was.

He told Rivera that his idea would strip a “Constitutional right away from law abiding citizens because of some wacko.”