Jill Biden Frowns After Joe Biden’s Mistake On Camera

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Over the weekend, President Biden and First Lady Jill participated in the commissioning ceremony for the USS Delaware submarine. And, as usual, while he read his remarks off the teleprompter, old Joe delivered one of his infamous gaffes.

While describing Jill’s work with the “Joining Forces” initiative, Joe inadvertently said Jill Biden was once the Vice President.

Evidently, Joe was supposed to refer to himself as Vice President because the White House website transcript of Joe’s remarks includes a correction that reads: “…she started with Michelle Obama when she [I] was Vice President and now carries on.”

In the White House video of the event, the camera was on Jill when Joe had his teleprompter gaffe. And for the briefest moment, the slightest cringe came over Jill’s face as she reacted to her husband’s bungle.

Watch HERE.

Jill Biden has nobody to blame but herself.

Her discomfort over watching her senile husband repeatedly make a fool of himself is well-deserved.

She pushed this old man to run for president despite his advancing age and declining cognitive health. She enabled it. She encouraged it.

Jill was so desperate for the media attention, magazine covers, and perks that come with being a Democrat First Lady that she was willing to engage in a little elder abuse and shove her decrepit husband into the White House.

So enjoy the discomfort, Jill. You earned it.