Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Fans Should Target Ted Cruz And Harass Him

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Controversial left-wing “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel recently urged his viewers to send stool samples to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

This counts for comedy these days?

During a segment on his show, Kimmel mocked Americans who reject the federal government’s unscientific obsession with COVID-19 vaccines that don’t prevent COVID infection, mocking people for doing “do-my-own” research at home and making their own decisions about their health.

“There are a lot of do-my-own researchers going right now – and not just when it comes to Covid. One common result of this pandemic is that people are taking health care into their own hands,” he said on Wednesday’s episode of his show.

In his bizarre comedy “bit,” Kimmel went on to say that because the hospitals are so overwhelmed – which they aren’t – people are turning to at-home treatment and that it’s known as “do-it-yourself healthcare.”

“If you have a stool sample, you collective it…there are several locations where you can send it or drop it off, they’re all listed right here,” he said, before showing the contact information for Texas Senator Ted Cruz on the screen.

He included not only Cruz’s Texas office but also the contact information for his Washington, D.C. office. He said that if you write the word “Ted” on it then they would “love to accept.”

What is wrong with this guy?

Just imagine if a right-wing comedy host had recommended people send in their stool samples to a Democratic politician. They’d consider it a threat to seriously injure, harm, or even kill that politician. You know that’s what they’d do and how they would treat it.

Then again, how many conservatives do you know that would actually do such a thing? Not many, probably.