Joe Biden Blocks Life Saving Treatment From Being Sent To Florida

( In what can only be described as an act of vindictiveness, last week the Biden administration announced a shift in policy regarding the distribution of monoclonal antibodies – the COVID treatment Florida has been widely using with tremendous success.

On Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that the distribution of monoclonal antibodies to states was now centralized under HHS. Previously state medical providers were able to order supplies directly, but now the states have to submit a request to HHS who will then ration out the treatment while keeping “equity” in mind.

As a result of this change, Florida received only half of the monoclonal antibodies they requested. This despite the fact that during his divisive COVID speech just days earlier, President Biden announced that he would increase the average pace of shipments of monoclonal antibodies by 50 percent.

Most impacted by this decision to ration distribution are southern red states. Funny how that happens. In addition to Florida, the other states effected by HHS’ order are Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Needless to say, Governor DeSantis was furious with the administration’s decision to insinuate itself into a system that was working so well.

DeSantis gets the heart of the matter in that clip.

He made monoclonal antibody treatments a priority. More importantly, because of that, Florida saw a dramatic decrease in hospitalizations for COVID. And that is precisely why the Biden administration cut Florida off at the knees.

DeSantis succeeded in reducing the threat of COVID. Joe Biden has failed.

It’s as simple as that.

It is exactly as DeSantis said in that tweet: Biden is penalizing Florida out of “partisan bitterness.”

On Thursday, press secretary Jen Psaki expressed that partisan bitterness when she told reporters that the decision was made because those seven southern states were using 70 percent of the supply and therefore the administration was stepping in to make sure distribution was “equitable across the country.”

But as DeSantis pointed out in that clip, those seven states are using so much because COVID was spiking in those areas.

It also doesn’t help that Florida’s reduction in hospitalizations isn’t because of vaccinations. That’s what really bothers Biden. By having monoclonal antibody treatments at its disposal, Florida can treat the unvaccinated successfully which runs counter the Biden administration’s push to keep the focus on vaccines.

Even Senator Marco Rubio recognized what was going on: