Joe Biden Boasts While Dissing On Obama

( President Joe Biden made the utterly bizarre suggestion on Friday that he was responsible for a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Palestine, following weeks of terror attacks from Hamas militants. The president celebrated the announcement and said that he achieved peace between the two nations (despite there being no peace between the two nations, still) quicker than former President Barack Obama did in 2014.

Biden attempted to claim that the cease-fire was agreed thanks to his excellent negotiating skills.

Boy, he really does wish he was President Trump…

“One of the reasons why we were able to get the cease-fire in 11 days is we didn’t do what other people had done,” he claimed. “I don’t talk about what I tell people in private, I don’t talk about what we negotiate in private.”

So President Biden is either keeping secrets from the American people, or he didn’t do very much at all.

It’s worth noting that violence directed at Israel from Islamic militants increased dramatically ever since President Joe Biden was elected. Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said earlier this month that Hamas was “testing” the new president by engaging in fresh attacks to see whether the United States would remain firmly on Israel’s side.

How can President Biden claim any kind of success when Israel might not have been bombarded the way it was this month if he hadn’t been elected in the first place?

President Biden also had some very cleverly-worded comments about his support for Israel when prompted by journalists. The president said that there is “no shift” in his commitment “to the security of Israel.”

He didn’t say that he supports Israel, nor did he condemn the Palestinians. Interesting.

Biden also insisted that there remains a need for a two-state solution, a suggestion that is likely to draw criticism from the radical wing of his party.

Is Joe Biden totally delusional or just completely dishonest?