Joe Biden Claims Republicans Support Jim Crow Laws In Racist Rant

( This week, President Joe Biden went full-on crazy, wrongly claiming that Republicans were promoting a new “Jim Crow era” by refusing to support the Democrats’ radical “For the People Act.” Biden promoted the false narrative that GOP Senators were blocking “voting rights” legislation when they blocked a debate on the Democrats’ proposed election reforms and refused to acknowledge the danger that their radical agenda poses to American democracy.

It followed a vote of 50-50 on whether an open debate on the proposed legislation should take place. It was ten votes short of the 60 required to overcome a filibuster in the Senate. It means that the Democrats either need to change the legislation and work with Republicans to come up with something acceptable and fair, or that they may use the Budget Reconciliation process to bypass bipartisanship and push it through on a simple majority vote.

If the Democrats force through extremist new legislation that changes the way Americans votes and makes it easier for illegal votes to be counted, it could cause permanent damage to the nation’s political system and democracy.

Biden wrongly claimed that a “Democratic stand to protect our democracy” met a wall of opposition from the Republicans. He repeatedly referred to the bill as legislation to “protect the right to vote,” but did not offer any evidence of Republicans opposing any citizen having the opportunity or right to vote.

In fact, the United States already enshrines the right to vote in its constitution and laws, and this has not been changed recently.

Isn’t it racist for Biden to suggest that Black Americans don’t know how to vote like everybody else?

Republicans have plenty of concerns about the new legislation. Not only would it implement mass mail-in voting nationally – which is the system that allowed President Joe Biden to win in states where there are still major concerns about the legitimacy of the counts – but it would also strip states of the right to choose their own election laws.

We have four more years of this. Hold on tight. The Democrats could be about to end American democracy.