Joe Biden Crestfallen After Crushing Democrat Defeat

( President Joe Biden returned to the United States just in time to learn that the candidate he stumped for was handed a decisive defeat in Virginia.

During Glenn Youngkin’s victory speech, Fox News ran a split-screen image – on the left, Glenn Youngkin, and on the right, the old, decrepit Democrat President hobbling down the steps of Air Force One:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, that split-screen is worth 3.5 trillion.

The New York Post published several photos from Biden’s exiting Air Force One that show a crestfallen old man.

Sure, you can put it off to 78-year-old Joe being travel-worn and tired. He isn’t a spring chicken. He hasn’t been a spring chicken since Gerald Ford was president.

But what are the odds that old, tired Joe would’ve had a spring in his step and a smile on his face if Terry McAuliffe had carried the day?

Before he left for his European adventure, Joe told reporters that the House and Senate majorities and his presidency would be determined by what happens this week – a sentiment echoed by his Vice President when she was campaigning for McAuliffe:

Nothing like having a prediction turn around and bite you in the behind.

Then again, both Kamala and Joe had reason to be confident in such a prediction. They won Virginia in 2020 by nearly ten points. It stands to reason that they both believed that McAuliffe would sail to victory on the Biden/Harris tide.

The problem is, the only Biden/Harris tide is a riptide, and it just took Terry McAuliffe out to sea.

McAuliffe lost not despite Joe Biden, but because of him.

Wednesday afternoon during his announcement that children under twelve can now get the COVID vaccine, the sleepy Biden was asked to address Tuesday’s election results.

After struggling to put a spin on McAuliffe’s loss (he won the most votes of any Democrat in Virginia), Biden explained that there is a lot of uncertainty in the country – uncertainty he blamed on COVID, jobs, and higher gas prices. Joe inexplicably claimed that a lot of that uncertainty would be “ameliorated” quickly if he gets his monstrous “Build Back Better” welfare program.

Joe Biden learned nothing from Tuesday.