Joe Biden Ends Trump’s Order That Protects Costs Of Insulin And Epipens

(RepublicanInformer)- President Joe Biden, the most radically left-wing president in American history, just chose to raise the prices of insulin and EpiPens just to spite President Donald Trump.

In a flurry of fresh executive orders, Joe Biden just undid a Trump-era policy that dramatically reduced the price of EpiPens and insulin by requiring health centers to pass on their savings to patients. It’s a potentially life-saving policy implemented by the last Republican president.

Any center that doesn’t pass on the savings to customers would no longer qualify for federal grants.

The Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed, however, that President Joe Biden has delayed the new rule – which was finalized last month – until March 22nd. The decision will mean that millions of Americans must continue to pay extortionate fees just to stay alive.

Didn’t the Democrats campaign on making health care more affordable?

Had Biden not intervened, the rule would have gone into effect on Friday and given millions of Americans cheaper access to life-saving drugs. And it has proven hugely controversial, even among Democrats who previously behaved as if Biden could do no wrong.

Is Joe Biden already bowing down to Big Pharma?

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain directed all agencies to pause executive orders signed by President Trump that had not yet come into effect so they could be reviewed, meaning there is still a chance that Biden might ultimately go ahead with the ruling. But with months to review the ruling, there is no telling what changes Biden might make, how long those changes might take to come into effect, and what games he might play to try and take some of the credit for the innovative new ruling.

The decision might also be a part of a wider push to get China back involved in American pharma.

Big Pharma gets a huge portion of its prescriptions from laboratories in China, which is something President Donald Trump sought to curb, correctly considering it a danger to America.

Under Biden, these protections are already being rolled back, and America’s pharmaceutical supplies may continue to be manufactured by the communist nation…at least until a Republican returns to the White House.