Joe Biden Hits Record Low In New Poll

( A new poll from Reuters and Ipsos reveals that President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have not increased over the last few months after some polls put his approval ratings in the 30s. The survey shows that the president’s approval ratings currently sit at just 40%, an all-time low for this particular polling group.

According to the pollsters, President Joe Biden had a 54% disapproval rating, with the main issues driving discontent being the president’s horrible handling of the economy, worsening inflation, and the crisis in Ukraine.

The 40% figure is a three-point reduction over the last week, according to Ipsos. The data from Ipsos also shows Biden’s approval rating gradually dropping since August of last year, when COVID-19 deaths started to increase again despite continued mask and vaccine mandate measures put in place by the Democrats.

Survey respondents also said that their primary concern about Biden’s performance so far was his mishandling of the economy, with the Ukraine crisis following closely behind.

When the numbers are broken down by party affiliation, some 77% of Democrats approve of his performance. It’s notable because it means that almost a quarter of Democrats are willing to admit to pollsters that their candidate is not doing a good job.

Republican voters had a very different view, with only 10% of GOP voters expressing confidence in Biden’s performance so far. A tiny 27% of independents also said that they believe Biden is doing a good job.

It’s bad news for the Democrats as we head to the November midterms and terrible news for Joe Biden who – apparently – intends to run again in 2024.