Joe Biden Imports Almost 1.5 Million Migrants In 8 Months

( Shocking new data just showed how President Joe Biden’s radical government has increased the foreign population in the United States to record levels, with almost 1.5 million migrants added to the national population in only the last eight months.

The data was analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies, who revealed that there has been one legal immigrant or illegal immigrant entering the United States work force in the last eight months for every three American citizens.

Now, the official estimate for the number of legal aliens living in the United States has increased to 46.2 million, which means one in seven people in the United States were not born here. And while few would say that legal immigrants living in the United States shouldn’t be here, there are certainly arguments in favor of limiting the number of legal aliens – and certainly stopping and reversing the massive influx of illegal aliens in the United States.

But for the Democrats, it’s good news – because illegal aliens are overwhelmingly supportive of parties and politicians who support giving them legal rights. Which is to say…they will vote Democrat when they get amnesty.

It also means that President Joe Biden’s buddies in big business have greater access than they have in years to cheap labor, especially if the Democrats continue with their efforts to give working “rights” to illegal aliens.

More migration means more cheap labor – and the Democrats seem to love that.