Joe Biden Now Trying To “Flip” Trump Voters To Become Democrats

( President Joe Biden is taking a tour of the country, and it’s very clear that he’s picking places so he can drum up interest in his spending and infrastructure proposals, while at the same time trying to flip Republican voters to Democrats before the 2022 midterm elections.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden’s recent trips have been to traditionally blue-collar regions of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Those areas have gone for former President Donald Trump in the two previous presidential elections.

Some strategists with the Democratic Party told the Examiner this is a deliberate targeting of what’s referred to “Trump country,” so the party could potentially try to flip voters in the critical upcoming Senate and House elections.

Randy Jones, who is a veteran of Democratic campaigns and is also the co-founder of United Public Affairs, described Biden’s strategy of promoting his packages while drumming up future election support is a “winning strategy.”

In a statement, he told the Examiner:

“When we talk about Trump Country, we are speaking about relatively rural Americans with blue collar careers who have felt left behind or left out by Democrats in the recent past. This landmark infrastructure bill will not only bring jobs into these communities, but connectivity through broadband and incentives for investment through improved infrastructure.

“Coming into the midterms, this administration is talking about jobs, roads and bridges in the places where they are needed most.”

Jones isn’t the only Democratic operative who believes Biden’s strategy is a smart idea. A spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, Ammar Moussa, said it’s “good politics.” He continued:

“In just over six months, President Biden and Democrats have tirelessly worked to lead us out of a pandemic, but our economy back with record job growth, put more money in people’s pockets, and make massive investments in our nation’s infrastructure. That is why the majority of voters continue to approve of the job President Biden is doing.”

In his rounds, Biden is making sure to take slight shots at Trump, hoping that they will actually strike a nerve with these traditionally conservative voters who may be upset with the Republican Party.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration unveiled new rules for the “Buy American” program. He touted his new ideas when speaking at a Mack Trucks facility in Pennsylvania Wednesday, saying:

“Buy American has become a hollow promise. My administration is going to make Buy American a reality.”

Of course, Trump’s main focus during his time in office was America First, and buying American products was a natural inclusion of that. So, on that point, Biden is a little off base, to say the least.

Republicans are looking at Biden’s efforts in a very skeptical way. They’re fairly confident that it’ll be difficult for Biden to make any inroads in the places where he’s traveling.

A senior aide in the GOP told the Washington Examiner that “it doesn’t matter how much Biden wants to talk about his grand infrastructure plans. Polling shows voters from both parties are concerned about crime and immigration, and he’s been a disaster on both.”