Joe Biden Polling Hits Worst Low Yet

( For the first time since he took office, President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped below fifty percent in Real Clear Politics’ polling averages.

And this was on August 11 before the Taliban swept into Kabul and trapped thousands of American citizens in Afghanistan.

If Biden thought his polling was cratering because of the crisis at the border, the rising crime, persistent inflation and the bungled COVID response, just wait until polling post-fall of Afghanistan comes out.

As it is, the Trafalgar Group – one of the few accurate polling outfits in the country – reported on Monday, August 16 that a staggering 69.3 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Only 23.1 percent of respondents approved of his bungling withdrawal.

It certainly isn’t going to help Biden’s approval rating that, as the Taliban took over Kabul, he was hiding at Camp David, avoiding the public and refusing to address the nation.

And when Biden finally did fly back to the White House to give an address on Monday, he refused to acknowledge the disaster unfolding in the Kabul at all – instead arguing that it was time to leave Afghanistan. While many agree with that, the main issue wasn’t the withdrawal, but the bungling, hurried, incompetent way it was handled.

This is the man who, on July 8, assured the country that we would not see a Saigon-like evacuation of the US Embassy in Kabul. But this weekend, the world watched the Saigon-like evacuation of the US Embassy in Kabul.

Instead of addressing the disastrous way the withdrawal was conducted, Biden spent his brief address blaming former President Trump and the Afghan military for his administration’s bungling of the withdrawal.

Then he walked out of the room without taking a single question from reporters, hopped on Marine One and returned to Camp David to continue his vacation.

Those kinds of optics, along with video footage of Afghans trying to stow away on Air Force transports only to drop from the sky back to earth, will haunt Joe Biden’s presidency long after he leaves office.

The weekend’s disaster in Kabul has so damaged Biden that, according to One America News reporter Jack Posobiec, a source in the White House has informed him that Kamala Harris openly discussed the 25th Amendment on Monday night. Posobiec also reported that Biden had wanted Harris to stand beside him during his brief address Monday afternoon, and she refused. The woman who lurks over Biden’s shoulder at every public event finally found a public event she wouldn’t attend. That is not a good sign.