Joe Biden Says He Won’t Sanction China After They Attacked America

( Everyone knew that Joe Biden was never going to get tough on China, but the fact that the president confirmed on Monday that he wouldn’t even place sanctions on the communist nation after Chinese hackers attacked a Microsoft Exchange Server is pretty serious.

Four Chinese citizens from the Chinese ministry of state security were charged by the United States Department of Justice after allegedly hacking into computer networks of dozens of American companies, schools, and even government agencies. China denies being behind the hack and has even pointed the finger back at the United States and claimed that the hacks came from the U.S., and despite this egregious behavior, Biden is doing nothing.

During a short press briefing on Monday, in which he was also totally dishonest about America’s rising inflation crisis, President Biden said that he won’t take any more action than simply shaming China for the attack. Two reporters grilled the president on the issue, with one asking what the difference was between Russian and Chinese cyberattacks.

Biden did his usually uncomfortably long pause before saying that it would take a “longer explanation.”

One reporter shouted, “we have all the time in the world!” but the president wasn’t interested in getting into it. Biden responded with “no we don’t,” before claiming that his understanding is that the Chinese government is not committing the attacks themselves, but instead providing protection to those who commit the acts.

…which is precisely what is happening in Russia, and yet, Biden is always trying to sound tough when talking about Russia.

What gives?

Maybe this all has something to do with his son’s various business deals in China…the ones that the “Big Guy” gets a cut of…