Joe Biden Says Kamala Harris Is Going To Be President “Pretty Soon”

( President Biden welcomed the WNBA Champions the Seattle Storm to the White House on Monday. And during his pandering remarks, the bungling old man who has never been good at speaking off the cuff, decided to boast of his decision to select a woman as his Vice President.

Prattling on about how he always told his daughters that women can do anything a man can do, Biden said “until they see it, until they watch, it becomes real to them.”

Leaving aside the fact that this doesn’t make any sense, Biden explained that this is why “we have a female Vice President.”

Not because she is qualified. Not because she was the best person for the job. Nope. We have a female Vice President because “until they see it, until they watch, it becomes real to them.”

Sure. That makes sense.

But while plugging his choice of Kamala Harris, the walking Freudian slip said something he probably didn’t mean to say out loud. He finished his “that’s why we have a female Vice President of the United States” with “who’s going to be” …

uh oh …

“we’re going to have some presidents pretty soon.”



Now, this isn’t the first time Joe Biden has mistakenly referred to Kamala Harris as President.

He did it in March:

He did it before they took office – referring to Kamala as “President-elect Harris:”

Fact is, even before the election, Joe Biden viewed his potential administration as the Harris Administration.

Then again, so did Kamala:

Now, with Joe, it is probably because he’s a bumbling idiot who can’t formulate a sentence without tripping over the words. With Kamala, however, it’s probably more like wishful thinking.

This is the woman who launched her 2016 Senate campaign with her eye on the White House. She had no interest in being a Senator; she only needed a national profile from which to launch a presidential run.

Was Monday’s slip just another bumbling gaffe?

Or does Joe Biden already know that very soon Kamala Harris is going to be President?

Only time will tell.