Joe Biden Signs Law That Keeps Women From The Draft

( President Joe Biden recently signed into law a new defense bill for 2022, worth $768.2 billion, that will prevent women from being enlisted into the military draft.

Uh…isn’t that the exact opposite of what the Democrats want? Total equality for women to the point where it is detrimental for women?


The National Defense Authorization Act includes measures that change the way that the United States military deals with sexual assault claims and related sexual crimes. Under the bill, military commanders are stripped of their jurisdiction over these matters.

Republicans were responsible for blocking efforts by the Democrats to include women in the draft, and presumably Biden only signed it because he knew it was the best deal he was going to get, but the fact that Republicans had to fight for this in the first place is disturbing. The legislation also includes a measure that bans dishonorable discharge for anyone who refuses to take the COVID-19 vaccine – another victory for Republicans fighting back against Democrat radicalism.

Sadly, though, the bill’s 2.7% pay increase for members of the U.S. military won’t actually mean a pay increase. With the rising cost of fuel, food, and household goods, the pay increase actually constitutes a pay decrease – with experts warning that members of the military on the lowest end of the payscale may need to resort to using food banks just to survive.

In a statement, President Biden tried to praise the compromise legislation saying that it provides “vital benefits and enhances access to justice for military personnel and their families, and includes critical authorities to support our country’s national defense.”