Joe Biden Snaps During Questioning

( President Joe Biden didn’t know what to say this week when a reporter asked him about his decision not to reverse Trump-era tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Probably knowing that the tariffs were a smart move, allowing the United States to revitalize its steel and aluminium industries, Biden tried to brush off the comments and indicated that he might just remove the tariffs later on.

A journalist asked the president about conversations he has had recently with European allies who are concerned about the sanctions, and how he justifies those sanctions.

It followed comments from the president about tariffs during a press conference on Sunday, to which President Biden responded, “120 days…give me a break…need time.”

It’s obviously just an excuse, but it’s not a good one…especially considering that President Biden was inaugurated 145 days ago, at that point.

What was slightly worrying, however, was Biden’s disturbing smile and grin as the question was being asked. It made it appear as though Biden was preparing to remove them, and has something up his sleeve.

And there’s nothing President Joe Biden likes more than removing Trump-era sanctions and policies just to be spiteful…even when they are hugely successful.

President Donald Trump’s sanctions on the importation of aluminium and steel has led to a massive 37.6% increase in primary aluminium smelting in the United States – a huge victory for American manufacturing.

And given President Joe Biden tried to push American manufacturing during his election campaign, you’d think he’d be happy about that.

But apparently not.

President Joe Biden just met with leaders of the European Union on Monday, so those tariffs were undoubtedly discussed…and European leaders could be about to make an amazing deal with the U.S.