Joe Biden To Be Placed Under Investigation Over Afghanistan Issue

( Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated over the weekend that Congress must act now to investigate the disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal by the Biden administration. It comes as President Biden refuses to face questions from the press over his irresponsible withdrawal, which has seen thousands of American people stranded in the country and millions of dollars of military equipment left behind and apprehended by the Taliban.

Speaking to Punchbowl News, McCarthy revealed that he will push for investigations into the handling of the withdrawal, and said that he wants members of Congress to be given copies of an intelligence assessment that led to Biden bringing home U.S. troops even after reports that a Taliban takeover appeared immediately inevitable.

If those intelligence assessments exist, they’ll reveal just how irresponsible the president was, and could show that he chose to continue with a flawed withdrawal operation just to be able to say that he was the president that ended the Afghanistan war.

Well, he got his wish. Sort of.

McCarthy also revealed how he is concerned about how the Afghan army, which has received 20 years of training from the United States military, fell within a matter of weeks to the Taliban.

How is it that we can spend trillions on a foreign war, dedicate decades to training a foreign army, only for that work to prove totally useless when we finally decide to leave?

After a classified briefing with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday, McCarthy told the press that he will be working to ensure that Biden is held accountable. He added that President Biden should not have been so public about his planned departure date from Afghanistan, which may have given the Taliban the upper hand.

Just what was President Biden thinking?

The mind boggles.