Joe Biden’s Meeting With Iran Will Be “Indirect”

( If you thought that President Joe Biden would be hands-on with Iran, then think again. The Biden administration announced on Friday that their method of dealing with one of the greatest threats to the United States is an “indirect” talk with the country.

Indirect plans to deal with a potential nuclear superpower that is already the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. What could possibly go wrong?

Other major world powers are expected to act as intermediaries between the United States and Iran, making it hard for the United States to properly communicate with the country. A spokesperson from the State Department revealed to Fox News that U.S. officials will meet on Tuesday in Vienna, Austria, with representatives from China, Russia, and Europe, to hash out some kind of plan.

The discussions will focus on the issues that could create a “mutual return to compliance” with the failed Obama-era 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

The deal that President Donald Trump ripped up.

According to a diplomat familiar with the plans, who also spoke to Fox News, the U.S. is managing expectations when heading into the meetings.

While indirect, the planned discussions are an indication that President Joe Biden isn’t backing down on his support of the failed nuclear deal, which has been broken on multiple occasions by Iran.

Known as the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”, or the JCPOA, the Iran Nuclear Deal remains in place with several European nations despite Iran enriching uranium to higher levels than agreed in the deal.

“These talks will be structured around working groups that the EU is going to form with the remaining participants in the JCPOA, including Iran,” a spokesperson from the State Department added.

“We do not anticipate presently that there will be direct talks between the United States and Iran through this process, though the United States remains open to them,” the spokesperson added.

Do you feel confident that indirect talks are the way to deal with a country ready to unleash nuclear war on the West?