Joe Manchin Reportedly Caved To Joe Biden In Secret Meeting

( Axios reported this week that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has warned both the White House and Democrat Congressional leaders that he has serious concerns about several aspects of the Democrats’ phony $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill.

Manchin, according to Axios, had suggested to the Democrats that he wouldn’t be able to support any bill that exceeded $1.5 trillion in new spending.

In particular, Manchin objects to the $400 billion in proposed spending for home caregivers. He also suggested adding a means-test to prove eligibility for the other massive entitlements in the bill – including free community college, universal preschool, child tax credits and the enhanced childhood tax credit which gives certain families up to $300 a month per child.

Mind you, this is all supposed to be “infrastructure.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to pass this massive boondoggle using the “budget reconciliation” process which only requires 51 votes.

Problem is, the Democrats only have fifty seats. Losing just one vote would tank this deserves-to-be-tanked garbage bill.

Both Manchin and Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema have gone on record opposing the $3.5 trillion boondoggle. Last week, Senator Manchin wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal urging his Democrat colleagues to take “a strategic pause” on the bill until it could be determined just what kind of impact its passage would have on rising inflation and the economic crisis.

Keep in mind, they haven’t even finished writing the bill yet. One Democrat quoted in the Axios piece described the process of writing the pile of garbage as “a prolonged negotiation.”

But the odds that this negotiation will arrive at the “no more than $1.5 trillion” that Manchin would prefer are slim.

Bernie Sanders and the far Left of the party are steering this bus. And no doubt they will not settle for anything less than the $3.5 trillion they are demanding.

Meanwhile, on the same day the Axios piece came out, President Biden expressed optimism that he can come to an understanding with Senator Manchin, saying of Manchin, “He’s always been with me.”