Joe Pesci Reveals Injury He Got On Set Of Home Alone

( In a recent interview with People magazine, actor Joe Pesci reflected on the 30th anniversary of the classic Christmas comedy “Home Alone” and revealed the serious injury he sustained while filming.

Pesci, who played one of the two burglars terrorized by young Kevin McCallister (actor Macaulay Culkin) while he was home alone, told People that while he performed some of the stunts himself, the more dangerous scenes were done by a stunt double.

Pesci’s and actor Daniel Stern’s characters Harry and Marv were known as the “Wet Bandits” for Marv’s habit of clogging the sinks in each of the homes they burglarized.

But when they decided to burglarize the McCallister home while they were away for the holidays, they were shocked to discover young Kevin was home alone. And Kevin turned his home into a veritable death trap to protect himself from the Wet Bandits.

During shooting, Pesci had to slip and fall on icy stairs. He got hit with a crowbar across the chest in a scene with the spider.

Then there was the infamous blowtorch scene, Pesci’s character bursts through the door after having the letter M branded on his hand by the red-hot doorknob. What “Harry” doesn’t realize, however, is that opening the door triggered another one of Kevin’s traps, namely, a strategically-positioned blowtorch ignites, setting “Harry’s” hat and head on fire.

Pesci told People that he suffered from the usual bumps and bruises you’d expect when filming “that type of physical humor.” But because he handled the blowtorch scene himself, Pesci also sustained “serious burns” on the top of his head.

Pesci also revealed that he intentionally limited his off-camera interactions with Macauley Culkin “to preserve the dynamic” between Kevin and Harry, explaining that he didn’t want it “to come across” that the two were in any way friendly with each other.

“I wanted to maintain the integrity of the adversarial relationship,” he explained.