Joe Rogan Says School Went After 9 Year Old Girl With “Woke” Agenda

( World-famous podcaster Joe Rogan just revealed in an episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast that his nine-year-old daughter exposed to extreme left-wing “Woke” ideas in the classroom in the spring of 2020.

He explained how, during the George Floyd riots of 2020, one of the schools that his child was attending in California – where he lived at the time – was told by the school that not being racist was insufficient. His child was told that she must consider herself an “anti-racist,” and subscribe to the extreme left-wing ideas that come with their new definition of “anti-racist.”

“And my kid’s nine at the time. What does that, what does that mean? These kids are not even remotely racist. Like, they have all sorts of different kinds of friends,” Rogan said.

The podcaster pointed out just how absurd it is to talk to children about this sort of thing given that children tend not to care about race. He said that he hears his young children saying that they met another person their same age, they play together, and they are friends. They don’t mention race, and they don’t suddenly become racist.

Rogan is often in trouble with the radical left, and he’ll no doubt get in even more trouble for these comments…but it’s hard to see where, logically, the radical left can come at him on this one.

Why teach children about “racism” when children don’t care about race?

If you’re interested, below is a clip from the interview where Rogan made the comments.