Josh Hawley Wants To Send Military Help To Taiwan As “Quickly As Possible”

( On Wednesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) said that the US must arm Taiwan as soon as feasibly possible in response to China’s persistent threats to invade the nation.
In the wake of the Communist Party’s new warning to unleash “violence” in the area, Hawley, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is sponsoring legislation that would speed US weaponry supplies to Taiwan.
The introduction of Hawley’s measure comes just days after the Biden administration authorized a $95 million armaments package for Taiwan, the second in as many months, to aid in the defense of the territory against a Chinese incursion. The bill introduced by Hawley would expedite the distribution of these weapons.
The arms package sparked a barrage of warnings from China. On Wednesday, they said any move to back Taiwan’s independence would “drive the Taiwan people into the abyss of calamity.” According to a remark released in the country’s state-controlled press, Ma Xiaoguang, the CCP’s spokesperson in the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office, the armaments transaction is no different than strapping a bomb on every Taiwan compatriot.
Congressional leaders are concerned that, like Russia in Ukraine, China may invade the country unexpectedly, catching Western nations off guard. Last Thursday, Taiwan stated that it is ready to protect itself from China’s “military expansion. China might use the new armament package as an excuse to invade Taiwan.
Hawley said that In classic CCP fashion, goons respond to any attempt to defend Taiwan from invasion with violent threats and deception. He also said we need to arm Taiwan as soon as possible so that it can protect itself against a Chinese assault. We cannot afford to wait until it is too late.
The bill introduced by Hawley would make it easier for the US to supply necessary defense armament to Taiwan, such as supplies to reinforce the Patriot surface-to-air missile system. Taiwan would also be upgraded to Country Group A:5, a formal trade classification that would place it on a level with other NATO partners.
Hawley’s measure would also speed up license procedures and cut red tape to guarantee that armaments reach the nation in the time it takes for Congress to approve such agreements. These steps aim to avoid a repeat of the scenario in Ukraine when Western nations were forced to scramble to assist the country in its war against Russia.
Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs backs Hawley’s bill and commended him late last week for attempting to speed up arms shipments.
The foreign ministry tweeted that the legislation spotlights the U.S. senator’s rock-solid commitment to #StandWithTaiwan, and is another vote of congressional confidence in our country and its 23.5 million people.