Journalist Michael Mosley Found Dead After Missing for Five Days

TV presenter preparing to live streaming video

BBC TV presenter Dr. Michael Mosley was found dead last Sunday on a Greek island following a days-long search.

The UK presenter known for his various BBC programs and his book “The Fast Diet,” was reported missing on June 5 while on the island of Symi with his wife.

His body was discovered on Sunday, June 9 along a rocky stretch of the coast by a party on a boat that included a group of journalists and the local mayor.

According to his wife Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, the television presenter had taken a wrong turn while hiking and collapsed not far from the marina in an area where his body was hard to find.

Describing her husband as “an adventurous man,” Dr. Mosley said she was devastated over losing her “wonderful, funny, kind, and brilliant husband.”

The 67-year-old Mosley hosted several BBC programs and made regular appearances on radio and television. He also wrote a regular health column for the UK Daily Mail.

In 2013, Dr. Mosley co-wrote “The Fast Diet” with journalist Mimi Spencer. The book promoted the “5:2 diet,” which calls for minimizing calorie intake two days each week while eating a normal healthy diet the other five days.

Mosley was also featured in a documentary titled “Infested! Living With Parasites” after he allowed tapeworms to live in his stomach for six weeks.

Mimi Spencer said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that Mosley was much like the person viewers saw on TV. She described him as “genuinely funny” and “immediately likable,” adding that he was “quite a humble person” who “never blew his trumpet.”

Dr. Saleya Ahsan, the co-host of “Trust Me, I’ma Doctor,” praised Mosley’s ability to explain science to average viewers. Ahsan described Mosley as a “national treasure.”

Mosley’s wife expressed her thanks to the residents of Symi for their tireless efforts to find her husband.

In addition to his wife Clare, Mosley leaves behind four children.