Judge Declares Mask Mandate Unconstitutional

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A ruling by the First District Court of Appeals in Florida just revealed that the mask mandate in Florida was unconstitutional.

The decision, which was prompted by a lawsuit brought against Alachua County by Justin Green, a local business owner, means that all mask mandates currently active in the 32 counties within the First District of Florida are now considered unconstitutional.

That was by no means a new lawsuit, but the nature of the legal system means that the ruling was only just made. Justin Green filed the suit back in May 2020, just days after a mask mandate was implemented by Robert Hutchinson, the chair of the Alachua County Commission.

Green appealed to the courts after a request for an emergency injunction was denied, and a year later, the mask mandate was finally proven to be an overreach.

In November of last year, oral arguments were heard, and a ruling has been awaited ever since. In May 2021, Green’s lawyer Jeff Childers filed a “Suggestion of Mootness” believing that the lawsuit was over, given that the mask mandate had already expired, but the ruling came nonetheless.

It means that the lawsuit did not technically achieve what Green initially set out to do, which was to stop businesses being impacted by mask mandates, but it did prove an important point.

Just because people in power exercise their power, and just because they say a mask mandate is right and appropriate, does not mean they are right.

Childers responded to the ruling and said that it was everything her could have asked for in his “wildest dreams.”

Even though the ruling came after the mask mandate was already dropped, he said that people only get a win like this “once in a life time.”

You can read his full response to the lawsuit on his Medium page here.

Florida was one of the first states to open back up, and one of the most reluctant states to adopt sweeping COVID-19 restrictions in the first place.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also announced last month that school children must be allowed to return to school in the fall without a mask mandate, and declared that the state Republican Party would not support Republican candidates for school boards who side with Democrats on mask wearing.