Judge Jackson Takes Her Role In The Supreme Court In A Historic Day

(RepublicanInformer.com)- After the current Supreme Court term ended last week, retiring Justice Stephen Breyer finally bid farewell and Biden’s SCOTUS pick Ketanji Brown Jackson was officially sworn in.

Naturally, the media was beside itself with glee. It was “historic,” don’t you know.

The first black woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

And not just that, she’s the Supreme Court Justice who cannot define the word “woman.”

Good Morning America was so excited about the sheer historicness of this historic occasion, that it excitedly tweeted the historic video of Jackson’s swearing-in by historically proclaiming Ketanji Brown Jackson the first black Justice on the Supreme Court in history.

Yeah, she’s the third black Justice. Thurgood Marshall was the first and Clarence Thomas the second.

GMA also made the same mistake on its YouTube channel, titling the video of her swearing-in “Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as first Black Supreme Court Justice in US history.”

It took Good Morning America five hours to delete the tweet and correct the headline of the YouTube video.

GMA then retweeted the video with a “CORRECTION,” explaining that she is the first black female SCOTUS justice and admitting that they incorrectly stated she was the first black Supreme Court Justice.

This is what happens when all you care about is describing insignificant stuff like skin color as HISTORIC.

Her qualifications don’t matter.

Her judicial career doesn’t matter.

Ketanji Brown Jackson as an individual doesn’t matter.

All that matters is how HISTORIC it is for the country that a black woman sits on the Supreme Court.

Biden promised to nominate a black woman to the Court and he did. That’s all that matters.

Even in his statement after Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in, President Biden highlighted the historic nature of her historic skin color, claiming now black girls can see themselves reflected on the Supreme Court.