Judge Jeanine Praises Kyle Rittenhouse After Wonderful Court Performance

(RepublicanInformer.com)- On Wednesday, after he took the stand in his defense, the co-hosts of “The Five” discussed their reactions to Kyle Rittenhouse’s direct testimony and his cross-examination. Host Dana Perino kicked it off by going to Judge Jeanine Pirro who praised Rittenhouse’s performance on the stand.

Calling Rittenhouse a “good kid,” Pirro said his testimony exemplified “what every defendant should learn to do” when called to the witness stand. She said Rittenhouse was articulate and direct. He answered the questions succinctly without adding any further information. And he listened “exquisitely to the questions.”

In response to Judge Jeanine’s assessment, Geraldo Rivera said that while he wouldn’t recommend a defendant testify in his trial, he conceded that Rittenhouse “stood his ground” during the cross-examination.

Then Geraldo dismissed Rittenhouse as nothing but a “dopey kid with a hero complex.” He repeated the media mantra that “he shouldn’t have been there” and he shouldn’t have had an AR-15 “on the street.” But, Geraldo said, “I think he walks,” adding that he didn’t see how they can get Rittenhouse on the murder charges.

Judge Jeanine broke in saying that she doesn’t think Rittenhouse is “a dopey kid,” arguing that just because Rittenhouse “isn’t Mr. Cool from New York City” doesn’t mean that he’s a dopey kid. She pointed out that Rittenhouse had CPR training, was a police explorer, and was a fire cadet.

Geraldo argued that he was a 17-year-old who took an AR-15 to a neighboring state.

That is one talking point the Left will never let go of even though it is untrue. Rittenhouse didn’t bring the gun “across state lines.”

But Pirro was adamant in her view of Rittenhouse as a good kid. She countered that he “is the kind of kid who can grow up and have a moral core.”

Watch the entire segment of “The Five,” including the comments from the other co-hosts HERE.