Judge Throws Out Abuse Case Against Top College

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A federal judge has dismissed several cases brought against Ohio State University by a number of former students who claim that they experienced sexual abuse by the university’s former athletics team medic, Dr. Richard Strauss.

Judge Michael Watson said in his ruling that Strauss had indisputably abused hundreds of young men. Strauss committed suicide in 2005.

The ruling granted a motion by the University of Ohio to dismiss the case on the grounds that the statute of limitations had passed for the victims to file a suit against the university. In the state of Ohio, there is a 20-year statute of limitations for criminal rape cases.

Almost 180 former students, all male, who attended the university said in their lawsuits that they had been abused over 20 years ago by the university doctors. They also claimed that members of the university staff knew what was going on, and repeatedly failed to take action to stop it.

While the statute of limitations has undoubtedly passed, plaintiffs are reportedly considering launching an appeal – although at this time it is unclear on what grounds they would intend to appeal. Lawyers representing the men issued a statement to the local media saying that the ruling was “deeply disappointing.”

It’s important to note that this is a matter of mere legal principle, and not a case of a judge denying that sexual abuse happened.

It’s also worth noting that 91 sexual assault cases against various licensed medical professionals were reopened by Ohio’s State Medical Board in March. A task force dedicated to exposing the horrific abuse found that there were 1,254 closed sexual impropriety cases, and some 91 were considered active. The investigations began after Governor Mike DeWine instructed them to begin in the wake of a 2019 scandal involving Dr. Strauss came to light.

Ohio State University told the press that the institution had reached settlement agreements with over 230 survivors and will continue covering the costs of counseling services and treatment for anyone who wants it.