Justice TED CRUZ? President Trump Puts Cruz, Hawley, And Cotton On Supreme Court Nominee List

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Unlike the Democrats, who have refused to say who they would nominate to the Supreme Court should there be an opening, President Donald Trump is being extremely open about who he intends to nominate to the highest court in the land. On Wednesday, Trump updates his list of potential nominees to include three well-known Republican lawmakers – Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Josh Hawley.

President Donald Trump said about the addition of the three Republican Senators that they would be “jurists in the mold of Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito.”

So, justices who actually respect the Constitution.

“Every one of these individuals will ensure equal justice, equal treatment, and equal rights for citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed,” the president announced. “Together we will defend our righteous heritage and preserve our magnificent American way of life.”

All three Republican senators responded to the announcement, with different levels of enthusiasm. Perhaps the least enthusiastic was Senator Josh Hawley, who indicated that he would rather continue working in the Senate.

“I appreciate the President’s confidence in listing me as a potential Supreme Court nominee. But as I told the President, Missourians elected me to fight for them in the Senate, and I have no interest in the high court. I look forward to conforming constitutional conservatives,” he said in response.

So that probably means he’s out of the running, but Ted Cruz didn’t reject the idea completely.

“I am grateful for the president’s confidence in me and for his leadership in nominating principled constitutionalists to the federal bench over the last for years,” Cruz said. “As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I’ve been proud to help confirm to the bench over 200 of President Trump’s judicial nominees, including two of the Supreme Court. It’s humbling and an immense honor to be considered for the Supreme Court.”

Let’s face it, Cruz would be excellent but he still has his eyes set on the top job. He lost to President Trump last time but there’s nothing stopping him running for president again in the future.

Question is…could he win?

Cotton was easily the most enthusiastic about it, saying he was honored and that he would “always heed the call of service to our nation.”

Who would you prefer – Justice Ted Cruz, or Justice Tom Cotton?