Justice Thomas Slams Cancel Culture, ‘Packing’ Supreme Court

(RepublicanInformer.com)- United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has expressed his concern about efforts by the Democrats to politicize the Supreme Court. His comments come after President Joe Biden announced that he would nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson, an extreme-left judge, to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the court.

Thomas, who is the most senior justice on the court, said that he is concerned about the long-term impact of trends like “cancel culture” and efforts to pack the Supreme Court.

“You can cavalierly talk about packing or stacking the court. You can cavalierly talk about doing this or doing that. At some point the institution is going to be compromised,” Justice Thomas said during a recent speech in a hotel in Salt Lake City.

Speaking to an audience of around 500, Thomas said that talking about packing the court will continue to chip away at the respect of America’s institutions among young people. He added that these institutions need to be in place for the next generation if there is going to be any kind of civil society.

Good point. What do the Democrats think will happen if the Supreme Court is packed and politicized? In a matter of years, the entire nation could look completely different, as it would allow Democrats to pass extremist legislation that fundamentally changes America.

Thomas said that he is afraid in this current climate of “cancel culture attack” that people won’t know how to engage with other people.

“If you don’t learn at that level in high school, in grammar school, in your neighborhood, or in civic organizations, then how do you have it when you’re making decisions in government, in the legislature, or in the courts?” he said.

Good point. Very, very good point.