Kamala Harris Announces Big Hire

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Erin Wilson is set to become the new deputy chief of staff for Vice President Kamala Harris, as reported recently by Axios.

Wilson is set to join the vice president’s team at the end of May. She is one of many newcomers to Harris’ staff, as many other major members have departed en masse over the last few months. It also marks a major staff-up ahead of the all-important midterm elections that will be held in November around the country.

Wilson has a lot of experience in the West Wing. She worked for President Joe Biden as his 2020 presidential campaign’s national political director. She has also worked on many other statewide and national election campaigns over her career.

In the past, Wilson has served in a role on the Democratic National Committee as well as a staffer in the U.S. Senate.

In her most recent position, Wilson was the deputy director for the White House office of political strategy and outreach, according to Axios. She will be replacing Michael Fuchs, who just last month announced he would leave his post in May.

While Fuchs took the high road in announcing his departure, he marked yet another high-ranking official in Harris’ team that left. When he decided to leave, Fuchs sent a memo to the vice president’s team that read:

“Over the last three years, I have had the privilege of working alongside so many talented individuals as we have traversed the primary campaign, to the general election and launch of an administration.”

During the Obama administration, Fuchs served in a few different senior roles at the State Department. He also served under former President Bill Clinton’s foreign policy adviser.

Harris’ latest big hire of Wilson should be seen as a move that’s being made with a serious eye on the midterm elections. The vice president is priming to become a major part of the push Democrats are initiating to try to convince voters that they should keep liberals in power in both chambers of Congress.

They have a pretty uphill battle going on there, as most major pre-election polls are showing that Republicans have a pretty big lead in many of the major swing elections. Democrats only hold a slight majority in the House and have just a technical majority in the Senate, where there’s a 50-50 split.

That’s why the most recent hires Harris has made are bringing with them a lot of experience both in Congress and in major political campaigns. Wilson joins other major recent hires such as press secretary Kristen Allen, chief of staff Lorraine Voles and communications director Jamal Simmons.

Commenting specifically on Wilson’s hire, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, the deputy chief of staff for the White House, said:

“Erin has been a key leader of the president’s political team since the launch of his campaign in 2019, and her work to build a historic coalition of supporters helped make the first 15 months of this administration a success.

“Her leadership, dedication and thoughtfulness will be an asset to the vice president’s team.”