Kamala Harris Declines To Answer One Simple Question

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Far-left Vice President Kamala Harris refused to comment on an article published recently that claimed she believes that she is being marginalized because of her race. Harris ignored the question during a recent interview, and refused to confirm whether or not she believes people don’t like her because of her race and her gender – rather than the fact she is a horrible political communicator who supports extreme, left-wing policy.

On December 23, the New York Times claimed that Harris has been frustrated behind the scenes with the way the media portrays her and that she is angry with the way the Biden administration treats her too. Citing close confidants and “allies” of Harris – who remained anonymous – it was alleged that the vice president doesn’t believe she is being treated fairly.

When the article was brought up during an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Harris refused to say anything about it.

“I will leave that for others to deal with,” she said.

If it’s untrue, wouldn’t she just deny it? It sounds like Kamala Harris wants the world to know that she thinks the Biden administration is racist but doesn’t want to just say it. That would get her in too much trouble with the president.

And it wouldn’t be the first time she’s implied that Joe Biden is a racist, either. Remember when she did it during the 2020 presidential campaign?

Now she’s the second-in-command under the man she called a racist. Some principles she has!

Harris’ deputy press secretary was also asked about the claims published by the New York Times, but refused to address them, stating:

“The vice president has diligently worked alongside the president coordinating with partners, allies and Democratic members of the House and Senate to advance the goals of this administration.”

It’s not convincing, is it? There’s trouble in paradise, it seems.