Kamala Harris Gets Exposed By U.S. Governor

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott appeared alongside former President Donald Trump on Wednesday and slammed Vice President Kamala Harris for her lack of action on securing the border and for misleading America about the nature of the crisis that she and President Joe Biden created.

Abbott also appeared alongside former senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security, a number of members of Congress, and Texas sheriffs. They discussed the very serious problems faced by the people of Texas as hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are apprehended by border officials every single month. In May, the number of illegals apprehended at the border exceeded 180,000.

Abbott told the press that Harris is “misleading America,” and said that the only place to solve the border crisis is at the border. He was referencing Vice President Harris’ insistence on traveling to South American countries to discuss their own domestic politics instead of addressing the border crisis at the border.

Abbott also said that even if Harris is successful in working with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, then the issue of illegal immigration from a further 147 countries arriving at the southern border still needs to be addressed.

The popular Texas governor, who recently received the endorsement from former President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election, recently issued a state of emergency at the Texas-Mexico border and called on other states to assist in deploying Army National Guardsman and Highway Patrol Troopers to make up for the lack of federal assistance from the Biden administration.

Abbott said that Texas law enforcement officers have arrested almost 1,800 people for violating state law, and a further 40,000 apprehensions of those who have come across the border illegally have been made.

President Trump may no longer be in the White House, but Republican governors are continuing his fight to Make America Great Again.