Kamala Harris Gets Thrown Under By White House Trying To Destroy Her, Report Says

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Is this coordinated “whisper campaign” against Vice President Kamala Harris actually being coordinated from inside the White House?

On the heels of Politico’s scathing report about the dysfunction in the Vice President’s office, Axios ran a response piece that, while ostensibly was a defense of Harris, also included even more sources criticizing the embattled VP.

Side-by-side with defenses of Harris from Chief of Staff Ron Klain and Biden senior advisor Cedric Richmond, Axios also included anonymous Democrats who, like those in the Politico piece, had nothing nice to say about Kamala.

According to the Axios report, White House aides referred to the Vice President’s office as a “poorly managed” “shitshow” consisting of people who “don’t have long-term relationships with her.” These aides also claimed that Harris’ team is often “visibly out of sync” with Biden’s team.

Axios also cited some Democrats “including some current senior administration officials” who are worried that Harris is such a weak politician, she would be unable to beat whatever Republican gets the nomination – “even if it were Donald Trump.”

So even when the White House agrees to speak with reporters to defend Harris, the article produced is continuing to attack Harris, leading some to suspect that the operation to destroy her is coming from inside the White House.

At the same time this coordinated campaign against Kamala Harris is taking place, the media seems to be running its own campaign promoting former South Bend mayor and current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg, whose only noticeable qualification for Transportation Secretary is his love of riding the train, is getting a load of favorable press lately. Ordinarily, the Transportation Secretary of any administration is a complete unknown whom most Americans couldn’t identify if you held a gun to their head.

But Buttigieg is getting the star treatment.

In early June, The Atlantic published a fawning piece on the Transportation Secretary who, as mayor who couldn’t even fix the potholes in South Bend.

Rather than just gush about his work in getting an infrastructure bill passed, Atlantic writer Edward-Isaac Dovere appeared more interested in outlining exactly how Buttigieg could win the Presidency in 2024.

And how does Dovere believe that will happen? Well, it rests on two things: 1) Biden not running for reelection and 2) Kamala not emerging as Biden’s heir apparent.

Number one seems a foregone conclusion. Joe Biden will be 81 in 2024. At this point, it’s unlikely he’ll even make it through his first term, let alone run for a second.

And number two seems to be underway. Why else launch a negative information operation Kamala other than to ensure she does not emerge as Biden’s heir apparent?

Buttigieg certainly does seem to be talking about issues that are outside of the prevue of a Transportation Secretary – including “equity,” “climate change” and other hot-button issues that are popular among social media Democrats.

In a March profile at Yahoo, a former campaign staffer said Buttigieg will be the face of Biden’s “Build Back Better.” So while Kamala gets the border, Buttigieg gets to travel the country campaigning in the guise of promoting Biden’s domestic agenda.

This sounds remarkably planned, does it not?