Kamala Harris Got Her Booster Shot On A “Fake White House” Set

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Over the weekend, the elusive Kamala Harris peeked out of whatever hole she’s been hiding in to stage a COVID booster shot photo-op on old Joe’s phony White House stage set in the Executive Office Building.

Afterward, Kamala posted a photo of herself getting the booster shot, tweeting that she just got her booster shot and she wants everyone else to get one too. Then she reminded everybody that “the vaccines are free, they’re safe, and they will save your life.”

This entire administration is like a bad reality TV show.

Just last month, Joe Biden staged his booster shot photo-op in his pretend White House.

When a photo emerged on Twitter showing that the background was nothing but a stage set, it set off a round of mockery on social media. The mockery was so scathing, Politifact felt the need to “fact-check” the claims that this phony set was made just for Biden’s COVID booster shot photo-op.

In defending the use of his pretend White House, Politifact argued that Biden uses it all the time – as if that somehow made it any less hilarious that the White House staff doesn’t let Joe work in the real White House, but instead built him a separate pretend White House in the Executive Office Building next door.

Kamala’s booster shot was performed in front of White House reporters, with Kamala telling them “Let’s get vaccinated and we will get through the pandemic.“

Fact is, Kamala Harris is only 57-years-old. The CDC rules limit booster shots to those either over the age of 65 or those suffering from high-risk comorbidities. She doesn’t qualify on either count.

So why waste time staging a booster shot photo-op at all?

According to the Vice President’s office, Harris was allowed to get one because her “occupation” requires frequent travel. You know, like taking a mysterious overnight trip to Palm Springs.

Who knew Kamala Harris has an “occupation?” Unless by “occupation” her office means “not getting anything accomplished while hiding from the public,” calling what Kamala Harris does an “occupation” is a bit of a stretch.