Kamala Harris Hails Victories Despite Mounting Losses On Election Night

(RepublicanInformer.com)- You saw what happened to Democrats this week, didn’t you? On Tuesday, voters turned out in huge numbers against the Democrats, giving the party a beating in the New Jersey election where the Democratic candidate only narrowly win, and flipping Virginia Blue.

And despite the terrible news for the Democrats, which saw American voters turning out to vote against the failed “Build Back Better” plans, inflation, and Critical Race Theory, Vice President Kamala Harris tried to paint the night as a positive one for her party.

“I will say this: We had great wins,” Harris wrongly claimed on Wednesday.

“We have Eric Adams in New York. In Ohio, we had Mrs. Brown, Shontel Brown, a great win and what I think will be a great addition to the United States Congress.”

So, they only won the seats that nobody ever doubted they could win? Not exactly a “great” win, is it?

Eric Adams, the former police captain nominated by the Democrats to run in the New York City mayoral race, won decisively in the city, beating Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa in the race to replace disgraced Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

Another one of the so-called “great victories” for the Democrats was Shontel Brown, a far-left member of the Cuyahoga County Council, who won a special election in the strongly-Democrat 11th Congressional district of Ohio. This was a place where Joe Biden won 80% of the vote last year – so she was never going to lose.

No matter how badly the Democrats are doing in government right now.

The victory for the Republicans in Virginia was massive, and it was an equally massive loss for the Democrats. Remember that a Republican candidate hasn’t won statewide office in the state since 2009, and Joe Biden allegedly won the state by 10 percentage points only a year ago.

Kamala Harris might be putting on a brave face, but the Democrats have nothing to celebrate.