Kamala Harris Is Making The Internet Her Next Target

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Following a string of deadly murders linked to internet hate, Vice President Kamala Harris established a White House task team to combat online abuse and harassment.

Harris made the task force announcement on Thursday at a roundtable with government representatives, campaigners, and survivors. She said that no one should have to endure abuse just because they are trying to engage in society.

She declared that the Internet is an integral aspect of life in the 21st century, and the Internet is a place of terror for many individuals.

President Joe Biden signed a letter establishing the task team, making good on a pledge he made during the campaign to battle internet hatred.

According to a senior administration official speaking to reporters on Wednesday night, the task force’s goal is to combat this expanding issue that disproportionately targets women, girls, and LGBTQI+ persons.

According to the official, over half of the LGBTQI+ people in the United States report being the target of severe online abuse, and one in three women under 35 reports being sexually harassed online.

According to the memorandum, examples of online abuse and harassment include rape, death threats, the non-consensual dissemination of intimate photos, cyberstalking, sextortion, gendered disinformation, and the enlistment and exploitation of sex trafficking victims.

The task group will concentrate on accountability, prevention, services and support for survivors, research on the extent and effect of the issue, and the link between online hate and violent extremism.

The task committee will give Biden a blueprint with suggestions for the federal and state governments, as well as for technology platforms, schools, and other public and private entities, within 180 days.
In her speech, Harris emphasized the links seen in previous mass shootings that left scores of Americans dead, saying that the United States still sees acts of mass violence that are preceded by online displays of hate and abuse.

She asserted that the shooter who murdered 10 Black people in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket on May 14 was a White supremacist who had become radicalized online and that the shooter who murdered 19 students and two teachers in a Texas elementary school ten days later had threatened to kidnap, rape, and kill teenage girls on Instagram.

Harris declared that hate has become so prevalent on the Internet that, as a culture, it’s becoming acceptable and, for users, some may say, unavoidable.

Apparently, the border is secure.