Kamala Harris May Be VP Again Under Joe Biden 

(Republicaninformer.com)- President Joseph Biden’s age and health are issues. That means Biden’s VP nominee will be evaluated not just as a potential vice president but also as a possible president. It’s expected that Kamala Harris will be Biden’s running partner in 2024, and her performance would subject her to a fair degree of criticism. Harris would have difficulty holding up under extra scrutiny. 

19FortyFive notes that according to the life expectancy of a man in the United States, Biden would need to live ten years over the average lifespan just to make it through a second term. 

In 2019, Kamala Harris received a lot of praise and financial support once she declared her run for the  presidency. Many publications lauded Harris for “her zeal and brilliance.”  She would be the first woman president, the first Black woman president, the first Indian American, and the first Asian American. It was claimed that $1.5 million was raised for Harris’s candidacy in the first 24 hours after her announcement. 

Harris dropped out of the campaign eleven months later. Inconsistent and hazy policy ideas hindered her candidacy. 

Party pressure on Biden to choose a black woman as running mate likely played a role in her inclusion on the Democratic presidential ticket. No other candidate scored as highly with Mr. Biden’s selection committee. 

Whether or not Biden runs again in 2024, Harris is seen mainly as the likely Democratic nominee or, at the very least, a shining example of the party’s rising young talent. The reason why is a mystery, however. 

Harris is not exactly a wildly well-liked public figure. Her national favorability rating in a Harvard-Harris survey was 40%, with 50% having an unfavorable opinion of her. As of October 2022, according to a Los Angeles Times tally of national surveys, Harris’s favorability rating was 39%, and her unfavorability rating was 53%.  

Because of the left’s penchant for “demographics over substance,” they’ve painted themselves into a corner with an electoral dud. 

For now, she is a heartbeat away, much to the dismay of most of the nation.