Kamala Harris Not Responding To Attorney General’s Requests

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said this week that Vice President Joe Biden isn’t doing very much about the border crisis despite being appointed by President Joe Biden to oversee the problem.

Speaking during a Fox Business interview, Brnovich said that the vice president also failed to respond to an invitation he extended to her to show her the extent of the problem at the border, which has seen a record rise in the number of children forced into detention facilities and illegal aliens apprehended by border officials.

“I guess if you were a philosopher you would say no response is a very loud response because we’ve not received any response,” Brnovich told Fox.

The Arizona AG also said that Vice President Harris must “look into the eyes of people being smuggled across the border, being exploited by the cartels and realize this is a humanitarian crisis on so many levels.”

Brnovich also said that it isn’t fair to migrants that think they are being promised things by President Biden and Vice President Harris, who have railed against President Donald Trump’s staunch position on the border.

“It’s not fair to the migrants that think they’re being promised things, it’s not fair to the people – the hardworking taxpayers of this country who are going to have to subsidize and pay for health care and child care and other social services for these migrants,” he said.

On March 24, Biden told the press that Harris would lead the efforts to solve the problem at the border, but the vice president hasn’t even visited the border to see the crisis for herself. The situation has gotten so bad that even Democrat mayors in border towns are criticizing the Biden administration.

In March, Democratic Mayor Bruno Lozano, who represents the 35,000 residents in Del Rio, said that the border crisis was a “slap in the face” from President Biden, and even asked him, “whose side are you on?”

This month, Attorney General Brnovich also announced that he was filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the damage done to the border and a series of executive orders on gun control announced by the president.

Can somebody tell Kamala Harris that ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away?