Kamala Harris Office Tries To Save Her After Propping Up “Genocide” Claims Against Israel

(RepublicanInformer.com)- It was reported recently that Vice President Kamala Harris has hired two “crisis communications” experts to try and clean up her public image after a series of blunders and missteps. Team Harris brought on board Lorraine Voles, a veteran “crisis communications” expert, and former Obama speechwriter Adam Frankel, who also happens to be Jen Psaki’s brother-in-law.

Voles and Frankel are charged with improving Kamala’s messaging, strategic communications, and long-term planning. Which is another way of saying their job is to try and save Kamala Harris from herself.

Because let’s face it, Kamala is her own worst enemy.

She lacks the political experience and instincts necessary to think on her feet, speak off the cuff, and avoid cackling like a hyena at the most inopportune times. Which might explain why Kamala’s 2020 Presidential campaign imploded in disarray forcing her to drop out two months before the Iowa Caucus.

Democrats plan to avail themselves of Harris during the 2022 Midterm election season. For some reason, they think the hapless VP will be their secret weapon on the campaign trail to ward off a Republican takeover in Congress.

Seems unlikely. Especially since every time Kamala Harris speaks in public, she puts her foot so far in her mouth, she gets athlete’s tongue.

Case in point, last week Kamala traveled to George Mason University in Virginia ostensibly to promote National Voter Registration Day. And during a Q&A with students, Kamala stood there nodding while one student went on a rant about the US funding Saudi Arabia and Israel. The student wrapped up her complaint by accusing Israel of committing ethnic genocide.

Rather than take issue with such a slanderous accusation, Kamala gave a bizarre response where she tried to “validate” this girl’s slander – capping it off by telling the girl that her truth cannot be suppressed.

Kamala’s failure to defend Israel or even dispute the claim that it practices genocide resulted in immediate blowback.

And Kamala’s new “crisis communications” team was forced to spring into action.

In an attempt to walk back Kamala’s blunder, they reached out to the Anti-Defamation League, the Democratic Majority for Israel, and Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch – who heads up the Bipartisan Anti-Semitism Taskforce in Congress. Kamala’s “crisis communications” team assured them that, despite nodding along as the student slandered Israel, Kamala doesn’t think Israel commits ethnic genocide and she remains committed to Israel’s security.