Kamala Harris Says She’s Privately Trying To Convince GOP Leaders To Push Her Agenda

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Democrats don’t have the votes they need to pass extremist new anti-election-security legislation that would strip states of their right to decide their own election laws. That’s why Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly trying to sweet talk anti-Trump Republicans in Congress to get on board with their plan.

The “For the People Act” would require all states to abide by the same election laws, implement mass mail-in voting nationally, and remove voter ID laws to make it easier for people to commit election fraud. If enacted it could effectively mean permanent Democrat rule, and Vice President Kamala Harris admitted on Tuesday that she has been talking to Republican senators and leaders about getting on board with the plan.

Sadly, there are some GOP legislators who would probably rather see the Democrats in charge forever than let former President Donald Trump or his populist allies in the Republican Party take back the White House…

During an interview with CBS News, Harris said that there is “no bright line” between those she is willing to talk to about so-called “voting rights” laws, saying that she has spoken to “both elected Republicans and Republican leaders about the proposed national election law.

So far, the law has no chance of passing in Congress as it was blocked by Republicans using the Senate filibuster. However, there is still a possibility that the law could be passed with a simple majority vote through the Budget Reconciliation process, or if Harris is successful in convincing some Republicans to get on board and support it.

Harris said that despite the setback of the legislation being blocked, she thinks it is a “key piece” of what needs to be done to “fight for the right to vote.”

However, Harris provided zero evidence that Republicans are trying to remove the “right to vote.” Republicans have repeatedly expressed disagreement over the proposed legislation as it would dilute the vote of people who have the right to vote by making it easier for people who do not have the right to vote to cast votes.

Do the Democrats not understand that, or are they purposely pretending they don’t understand?