Kamala Harris Staffers Bought New Chairs Because They Were Too Big

(Republicaninformer.com)- Many Democrats are losing confidence in Vice President Kamala Harris’ chances of leading the party, according to a recent report in the New York Times.

According to the Times, during the fall, “a quiet panic” began setting in “among key Democrats” worried about what would happen if President Joe Biden decided not to run for reelection. The Times spoke with dozens of Democrats, both in Washington and around the country, who “said flatly that they did not think Ms. Harris could win the presidency in 2024.”

The problem, of course, is how to “sideline” Harris “without inflaming key Democratic constituencies that would take offense.”

According to the Times, in private conversations, former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly expressed concern that Kamala would be unable to win a presidential election because she lacks the necessary political instincts to make it through a primary.

According to current and former Harris aides, the Vice President’s profile has faded since taking office as Kamala has failed to take advantage of her position to become a political force in the Democrat Party.

The Vice President avoids high-profile opportunities that could be used to her advantage, including last year’s baby formula shortage. Last year, Harris initially refused Biden’s request that she meet a shipment of baby formula at Dulles airport, according to the Times. She later agreed to meet a shipment a month later.

One prominent Democrat fundraiser told the Times that he couldn’t think of anything Kamala has done “except stay out of the way and stand beside” Biden during ceremonies.

Even some of the Democrats whom Kamala’s advisors referred the Times to for “supportive quotes,” privately confided “that they had lost hope in her,” according to the report.

But the Times did find some Kamala cheerleaders for the report.

In an attempt to paint Kamala as a victim of misogyny, her former communications director Jamal Simmons told the New York Times that he had to replace the desk chairs in Kamala’s office because the ones that were there were too big for her since they were purchased to accommodate an average-sized man and a not a woman.

According to the FiveThirtyEight polling average, only 39 percent of Americans approve of Kamala Harris while 52.5 percent disapprove.

A recent YouGov poll conducted in late January showed 55 percent of Americans view Kamala unfavorably.