Kamala Harris Uses Expletive at Conference, Sparks Backlash

Current Vice President Kamala Harris has been the subject of many criticisms during the Biden Presidency such as her unfulfilled promises at the border, and laughing during inappropriate times. However recently Kamala Harris has sparked outrage for having a potty mouth, as she used the F word at an event in Washington D.C. on Monday.

Harris attended a Congressional Studies event at an Asian-Pacific American Institute in Washington. While onstage at the event, Harris related to young Asian-American audience members by opening up about her Vice Presidency where she used the expletive in her discussion. Harris encouraged the audience by telling them to not carry themselves as a burden and to base their actions on what others around them can not do. Harris stated that in life, sometimes doors are held open for you and sometimes they are not, which she says, “You need to kick that f***ing door down.” The audience erupted into laughter as Harris excused herself for her language, however, not all viewers felt the same way.

Harris’s foul language sparked outrage from Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo during his Monday night appearance on the Fox Show, The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham. Arroyo stated that he believes the swearing was part of a pattern he has seen from figures like President Biden and Obama. Arroyo stated that he was aware that Trump too has used swearing in the past, however with Harris being in an official capacity, it is unprofessional. Harris then received backlash from conservative radio talk show host, Chris Stigall, who claimed that the only trail of Harris that is not “phony” was her trash mouth.

Although Harris’s language caused much controversy, some of her supporters gave praise to her nobility, while mocking her critics. X user @dcpoll wrote in a post that the real problems in the White House would be if Trump were in office paying hush money to scandals.