Kevin McCarthy Is Quietly Turning On GOP Leaders, Insiders Say

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was elected to his new position after a fierce and long battle between Republicans, is quietly turning on his colleagues, according to Mediaite. The new report documenting his comments comes from sources talking to The New York Times, where McCarthy set his laser eyes on House Budget Chair Jodey Arrington and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise. 

What McCarthy sees as the issue is somewhat reminiscent of the former president’s gripe with people who were supposed to be on his side—loyalty. After garnering a slim enough majority to secure his seat as the speaker, McCarthy cites a lack of loyalty in the GOP. Now, McCarthy is treating others in a like manner as he reportedly called Arrington “incompetent.” 

He also said that he had “no confidence” in the congressman and as far as his television appearances go, they’re “unhelpful.” McCarthy is wasting no time countering what Arrington claims is going on in the House. When Arrington said that a budget proposal will be ready in May, McCarthy claimed it will be ready a month earlier. McCarthy also alleged that he had no idea what Arrington was talking about when he said that the House GOP was finalizing a deal. 

The House speaker reportedly feels the same way about Scalise, who he likewise described as “ineffective, checked out, and reluctant” to stand his ground on anything. The NYT report looked to another “senior Republican” for his take on McCarthy. He said that the promises made during his race are catching up to him because they were always “untenable.” Now, as the months carry on and the promises remain unfulfilled, McCarthy is allegedly trying to place the blame and responsibility on others. 

McCarthy was severely opposed by the House Freedom Caucus and underwent 15 separate House votes before being elected to the position.